You Will Need to Attend Regularly Scheduled Braces Adjustments

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As you grow older, the structure of your mouth can change. This could be related to genetic and environmental factors, or the loss of a tooth. At the same time, minor alignment issues that went uncorrected in your adolescent years could become more prominent with age. In a situation like this, the alignment of your teeth can gradually be corrected through braces provided by Alexander Orthodontics’s orthodontic specialists.

Once Dr. Steven Alexander has put the braces on your teeth, you will need to return to the office on a regular basis to have them adjusted. The doctor will set up a schedule for your visits. These appointments are also an opportunity to address any issues or to repair or replace any components that might have suffered damage or wear and tear.

Consistent and effective oral hygiene practices are also important to success of your treatment. Tooth decay can increase the length of your treatment time, and healthy gums will help reduce any minor discomfort after your adjustments.

If you struggle to effectively brush of floss a specific area Dr. Steven Alexander might be able to give you some extra hints and tips to help you maintain clean and healthy teeth. If you live in the Queensbury, New York, region and you have issues with the alignment of your teeth, you should call 518-793-8511 to schedule a consultation at Alexander Orthodontics.