Things to Keep in Mind During the Braces Process

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Have Drs. Alexander, Bartlett, and Misner recommended that you have braces placed? Are you a little nervous about the braces process, or simply wondering what to expect? Our orthodontists and team are excited to go over the basic orthodontic treatment process with you.

Braces Placement
The brackets of braces are bonded to your teeth using a special dental cement. Minimal discomfort when braces are placed is to be expected. For the first few days, eat softer foods to help you adjust to chewing. Yogurt, soup and mashed potatoes are good choices.

After Application
It takes a little bit of time to adjust to the realigning of the teeth. The pressure of the wires may cause some discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medication can provide some welcome relief. You can also place orthodontic wax on the brackets to prevent them from rubbing against the inside of your cheeks and lips. We will tell you how to apply orthodontist wax during your braces application appointment. Discomfort from braces placement is usually gone after five days or less.

Orthodontic Appointments
Braces adjustment appointments are scheduled as our orthodontists see fit. These appointments are needed so that the braces can continue to move the teeth towards their proper positions. Our orthodontists may adjust the archwires and change the elastic ligatures.

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