The Simple Truths of Orthodontic Treatments With Adults

Having a healthy smile is a simple thing to understand, yet harder to achieve. Luckily, our team here at Alexander Orthodontics in Queensbury, New York, is proud to offer orthodontic treatment to adults, so you can feel confident in your professional life as well as your personal life too. There are many different ways to improve your smile through orthodontic... read more »

Don’t Delay in Having Damaged Braces Repaired

The braces components and various orthodontic hardware making up the braces installed in your mouth were designed to withstand the rigors of chewing most normal foods. However, sticky foods, chewing gum and hard foods could potentially loosen or damage a piece of braces hardware. If something does happen to your braces, you should not delay in calling 518-793-8511 to have... read more »

Take a Bite into Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the name for that fantastic branch of dentistry which turns bad bites into good bites. And no, that’s not a plug for making your food taste better. It’s about the contact between your upper and lower teeth. Straight teeth are more than just visually appealing; they can meet properly to make chewing, speaking and cleaning your teeth easier.... read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Retainer

Little did you know, your retainer keeps your teeth from relapsing out of position after you’ve completed orthodontic treatment. However, that’s only the case if you take good care of it. Therefore, it’s important to do all you can to keep your retainer in tip-top shape. To help you do so, Dr. Steven Alexander and our orthodontic team have some... read more »

Dental Hygiene with Braces

Orthodontics is used to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. This can improve not only the appearance of your smile, but the health as well. Now that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are some things you should know about caring for your teeth and braces. Dental Hygiene with Braces To floss your teeth while wearing braces, work the... read more »

Invisalign® Can Help You & Your Smile

For those that have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, traditional braces are not the only option. If you would like to straighten your teeth without the use of brackets and wires, consider Invisalign® in Queensbury, New York. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear, comfortable, removable aligners to straighten the teeth over time. Each set of aligners is... read more »

Are You Ready to Learn About Invisalign®?

Have you ever heard of Invisalign®? It is an orthodontic system designed to straighten your teeth without the use of metals or wires. With Invisalign’s patented thermoplastic design you can easily transform your crooked smile into the smile of your heart’s desire. Are you ready to learn about Invisalign? The following questions can help: TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign aligners are... read more »

Smile Care in Braces Is Easier Than You Think

At Alexander Orthodontics, our orthodontists Drs. Steven Alexander, Dean Bartlett, and Kenner Misner are pleased to provide orthodontics for our patients in Queensbury, New York. In today's blog, we are to share how caring for your smile in braces is easier than you might think. 1- Brushing  Brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of any strong oral hygiene routine. But cleaning... read more »

Regular Adjustments Are Critical for Realigning Your Teeth

The braces installed in your mouth by your orthodontist, Dr. Steven Alexander, represent a serious investment in realigning your teeth for a healthier mouth and a winning smile. They do this by applying progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments anchoring the teeth in their sockets. Over the course of time, your teeth will adapt to their new positions and a... read more »

A Brief Overview of Orthodontic Treatment

We want you to know what to expect when you come get braces. While it can seem intimidating when considering braces for the first time, our expert team at Alexander Orthodontics works hard to make sure your experience getting your teeth straightened is as comfortable as possible. Your first visit will be fairly simple. Dr. Steven Alexander or Dr. Steven... read more »