Beautiful Braces and Aligners for Tooth Straightening

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Although it isn’t something they look forward to, getting braces as a teenager is practically a right of passage. At one time, there weren’t any options given to reduce the stigma of having “metal mouth.” All braces were blindingly obvious, and the laborious process of beautifying your smile invaded already awkward teen years. Thankfully, with the advances of modern orthodontics we now have several options available to those who are aesthetically inclined.

Lingual Braces

Traditional braces hiding behind the teeth instead of up front, lingual braces still use metal brackets, arch wires, and elastic, but they are bonded to the inside/back of the tooth.

Damon Braces

A sleeker-looking version of traditional braces that have removed the need of elastic to hold the wire onto the brackets, damon braces look like a single wired across the teeth rather than a whole machine shop.

Clear Aligners

You may have heard of brands like Invialign® or ClearCorrect? They are companies that produce clear plastic molds for your specific teeth that incrementally move them towards perfection. You’ll receive new aligners every two weeks to change out. These are not really for very complex orthodontic issues, but if you only need minor adjustments they work great! You can remove them to eat, clean, and brush.

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