Are You Ready to Learn About Invisalign®?

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Have you ever heard of Invisalign®? It is an orthodontic system designed to straighten your teeth without the use of metals or wires. With Invisalign’s patented thermoplastic design you can easily transform your crooked smile into the smile of your heart’s desire.

Are you ready to learn about Invisalign? The following questions can help:

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign aligners are invisible.
– This is semi-true because Invisalign aligners are partially invisible. If they were completely invisible, it would EXTREMELY difficult to find them every time you had to put them in!

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign aligners are all the same.
– This is false. Each set of Invisalign aligners is designed and crafted for each patient’s specific dental profile to ensure the best possible treatment. Also, avoid sharing any mouth utensils, including aligners, as this can easily lead to contamination.

TRUE or FALSE: You can remove your Invisalign whenever you wish.
– This is true. If you need to remove your aligners for meals or for cleaning, they can be detached and reattached as you wish.

TRUE or FALSE: As with other braces and orthodontic treatments, there could be dietary restrictions.
– False, you do not have to alter your diet, as you can remove your aligners before every meal.

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