A Loose or Missing Spacer Might Require an Adjustment Appointment

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The braces installed in your mouth at Alexander Orthodontics form an effective and functional system capable of correcting the alignment of your teeth. This system incorporates metal brackets, wires, bands, and spacers that are adjusted during your regularly scheduled appointments.

During each of these appointments, the doctor will tighten your braces to affect the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth in their respective places. If some component of your braces is damaged or compromised it could alter the tension on your braces. Without timely attention it could increase the total amount of time needed to correct the alignment of your teeth.

If you do notice a problem, you should call Alexander Orthodontics to determine the best course of action. This will mean scheduling an appointment for Dr. Steven Alexander to assess the severity of the damage and make any needed repairs.

There may be some instances between your adjustments where a spacer comes loose or falls out. This might simply be a sign that your periodontal ligaments have become accustomed accepted their new positions.

Dr. Steven Alexander may recommend scheduling another appointment to replace the spacer and tighten your braces again. If you are in the Queensbury, New York, area and you have a problem with your braces, you should call 518-793-8511 to have it addressed at Alexander Orthodontics.